Sunday, 3 June 2018

'Roseanne' Shouldn't Have Been Revived To Begin With, Says Michelle Wolf

Comedian Michelle Wolf doesn't think we should be cheering ABC for their
Comedian Michelle Wolf doesn’t think we should be cheering ABC for their decision to cancel “Roseanne” this week, because, she says, the show shouldn’t have been revived in the first place.On the newest episode of her Netflix show “The Break,” Wolf takes aim at the network for ignoring Barr’s history of controversial comments and behavior.
“Everyone’s been saying it’s so brave of ABC to cancel their biggest hit show, but the bold move was actually putting this lady Hitler chef back on the air in the first place,” Wolf said in her segment “Internet Goofs.”
“Lady Hitler” is in reference to a 2009 photoshoot Barr did for the Jewish satirical magazine Heeb. Barr dressed as Hitler and pulled cookies shaped like people from an oven“So kudos to ABC, it takes a lot of courage to fire someone after they’ve been openly racist for the thousandth time,” Wolf said.
ABC canceled “Roseanne” this week after Barr made a racist joke on Twitter about former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.
Barr said she begged ABC not to cancel the show and claimed the drug Ambien was partly to blame for the racist tweet. The makers of Ambien very swiftly rejected the idea that their product was at all responsible.

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